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Wrinkles: Fighting Off the Factors

Wrinkles will look cute on a bulldog but not on your skin. You can have it as you age and even earlier in life due to factors that cause premature wrinkling.

The changes brought about by aging are inevitable. However, there are plenty of things you can do in order to slow down the process.

Though eventually you’ll grow wrinkles all over your face, a skin care regimen can help you look younger than your age.

Protein Compounds

Your skin relies much on its stores of protein compounds called collagen and elastin. As you get older, your body starts to produce lesser amounts of these protein compounds.

Collagen is considered to be “filler” to your skin while elastin maintains elasticity. When your skin lacks these protein compounds you can have a wrinkled and saggy skin.

This explains why you must increase protein intake in order to compensate for a diminished synthesis of collagen and elastin.

You want to get rid of those unsightly wrinkles and your skin doctor will recommend that you eat lots of white meat, fish, beans, legumes and nuts.

Dry Skin

You have skin dryness. You notice premature wrinkles growing on delicate areas of your face such as around the eyes.

You blame your dry skin for this because you know dryness predisposes you to wrinkling. You may have a poor secretion of sebum or oil by your sebaceous gland. Y

ou want to correct this problem and moisturizers will help you on this feat. Make it a habit to moisturize and pamper your skin with creams that contain various nutrients.

Free Radicals

As your body uses up oxygen to release energy from your cells, free radicals are produced.

These are unstable molecules that can cause various diseases as well as skin aging. Free radicals breakdown your collagen and elastin stores leaving you with problems on skin aging.

Other factors that may be deleterious to your skin are the sun’s harmful UVB rays and bad habits like smoking cigarettes.

Natural Skin Care for Wrinkles

anti wrinkle creamsWrinkles are inevitable but the bull dog-look can be prevented. Reversing the processes which lead to wrinkled and saggy skin will make you younger than your real age.

Though hundreds of anti-wrinkle creams flock drugstores and beauty shops today, there are conservative yet effective means on how to keep your skin smooth and vibrant.

Your weapons are carrot sticks and asparagus spears. Raw foods will help you get loads of nutrients that can enhance collagen and elastin synthesis, moisturize your skin and fight off free radicals.

Make smoothies out of fruits and veggies. Eat healthy salads often and let your skin feast on the essential nutrients that can prevent and erase wrinkles.

Healthy Living Ensures Healthy Skin

A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and minerals will give you the skin that endures the changes brought about by aging.

You will realize that an effective remedy for wrinkles doesn’t always have to come in a bottle. They can be found inside your fridge waiting to be added on your delectable dishes.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

The majority of people in the world are living such stressful lives that they can only hope physiological symptoms don’t pop up.

However, it can be very difficult to steer clear of such. In fact, if there’s one major organ in the body which can suffer from loads of stress and exhaustion, it would be the skin, particularly that surrounding the eyes.

When people work so many hours and end up spending too much time being awake at night, they would start developing puffy eye bags as well as dark circles under their eyes.

Of course, most people who are looking to get rid of this would have to get the proper amount of sleep, especially when any form of stress can tire out tissues and muscles in the skin around the eyes.

This can lead to pigmentation which comes off as really dark discoloration.

There are also some other reasons as to why these dark circles develop. In fact, there are people who get to suffer from this due to the fact that members of their bloodline have also gone through the same.

There’s also the matter of aging, wherein everybody on the planet gets older as the years pass.

Some people also expose themselves to a variety of environmental elements which can take a toll on their skin.

Of course, the worst culprits for the development of these nasty discolored circles under the eyes are the consumption of alcohol and excessive smoking.

However, there are some natural remedies which one can avail of to improve the appearance of the skin around their eyes.

  1. cold application on the eyesOne of the most common ways in which tired skin surrounding a person’s eyes can be relieved is through cold application. In fact, one can simply put a few spoons in their freezers for duration of 30 minutes to an hour, allowing them to absorb cold temperatures. Afterwards, one can simply get the spoons and place their backsides directly on their eye bags. This should be done for 2 minutes every day until there is significant improvement seen on the color of the skin. The spoon’s angling can also be altered in order to let the coolness rub off on the skin.
  2. One can also make use of some ice cubes which they can put in a basin filled with water. One has to make sure that the temperatures drop to freezing. A towel should then be completely dipped in the basin, after which one should wring it so that it can then be placed over the eyes, covering them entirely. This process should be repeated at least 2 more times for a number of weeks.
  3. One can also make use of skin lightening products, such as creams containing vitamin E. This is perhaps the number one recommendation of most dermatologists, simply because it does not cause any form of skin irritation and is completely natural. One can also make use of concealers containing herbal extracts to hide those dark spots and provide the skin with proper nourishment. One should steer clear of beauty and skin care products containing synthetic chemicals, seeing as these may cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin.

These three methods of natural dark circles removal should prove beneficial.

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