NativeScript and Xamarin Forms: Combining Native Platform with JavaScript

NativeScript and Xamarin Forms: Combining Native Platform with JavaScript

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Xamarin is the developer behind the popular NativeScript and JavaScript framework that allows web developers to write mobile and cross-platform mobile applications in the JavaScript programming language. NativeScript is a free program that allows mobile application development with C++ and Objective C, making it ideal for developing hybrid mobile apps. Xamarin Forms is an additional tool for developing iOS and Android mobile applications Resource. It provides a set of user interface controls for creating action sequences, as well as a drag-and-drop interface for developing views. With the use of drag-and-drop features, a developer can easily swap between multiple views in a matter of seconds.

Use XAMarin Forms for Your Mobile Application Development

Xamarin Forms provides a set of Data Access Object interfaces that are inspired by HTML’s Meta tag definition. These object interfaces allow developers to retrieve a range of structured data from a given URL, including XML, text, links, dictionary data and more. All the necessary information is automatically accessible, saving the developer considerable amounts of time. In addition, Xamarin Forms has an in-built mechanism that allows the developer to manage multiple sets of data simultaneously.

Xamarin also has rich XAML support, providing a rich visual styling for controls and items. In order to take full advantage of the benefits of Xamarin Forms, a developer must have expert knowledge on the underlying C++ and Java programming languages. The combination of high quality technologies such as Silverlight and XML security with the simplicity and flexibility of Xamarin Forms allow developers to rapidly and easily create mobile and enterprise-class applications. Furthermore, it is easy to learn and use, with straightforward to set up and simple to set up processes that make it suitable for any level of developer.

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