Start Ups and savings | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

Many people will wonder what is that of the Start Ups? They are simply emerging companies that rely on technology . Ideas that materialize in business initiatives that seek to make the processes more complicated, something simple for life.

They are emerging because they are organizations or components with great mobility, capacity for change and adaptation and because they develop innovative products or services, with a high demand, at low costs, taking advantage of the communication provided by the internet and its various platforms.

Start Ups are called to simplify our lives and what is better, at a low cost. They are ideal to face the crisis that affects us in everyday expenses, providing solutions and benefits to previously cumbersome and distressing problems.

Let’s look at several type examples:


The Start Ups of insurance: they are revolutionizing the traditional insurance market. Not only as highly profitable businesses but as innovative options and products for policyholders. The Insurtech is the conjunction of insurance (insurance) plus technology. That is to say, the integral transformation of the insurers’ processes, who fully adapt to the technological processes to improve offers, products and services. Its potential can be observed for example, in insurance comparators, a tool that is used to compare among different insurance which is the cheapest and the one with the best service offers.

Financial Start Ups: there are large financial companies that offer their services online. The banking sector has also bought and benefited from Start Ups to develop and place new services at the user’s command, such as mobile payments or financial management through digital channels.

The Start Ups for saving basic services

The Start Ups for saving basic services

One of the areas of greatest application and functionality of Start Ups is the basic services. From mirubee.com that allows a significant saving in electricity costs by adjusting the consumption, informing you about what each household appliance you consume at home consumes, giving you information about the best electricity rate; going through others that try, through their innovative projects, to contribute to a responsible consumption of water such as the spin-off of the University of Malaga and many others that try to solve the problem of garbage and waste.

The Fashion Start Ups

The Fashion Start Ups

Internet of things or the internet of things, that is, everything that connects with multiple devices to improve our life, our daily environment. With an infinite range of options and use ranging from leisure, management of household tasks such as remote heating or ordering a purchase online from the pharmacy, the toilet with applications that help health in terms of monitoring patients, emergency care; or car rental for hours or Carsharing, among others. The essential thing is that it can be applied to almost any area of ​​life.