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How to Enable and Disable Chrome Features

Google Chrome has many features, including experimental web properties. Unlike the rest of the Chrome package, these experimental features are disabled by default. To enable them, go to chrome://flags and type in the flag you wish to activate. Once enabled, you must relaunch the browser. If you’ve disabled the feature, it will no longer affect the browser. You can use the same flag to enable all other features of Chrome. This method can also cause the browser to act strangely.

How to Use Chrome Flags to Speed Up Your Browser

chrome flags

If you’re concerned about the privacy and security of your data, enable the Chrome Flags to feature. The toolbar is available in several versions. You can enable it by typing chrome://flags into the address bar. The Flags feature lets you see a list of features that are currently in testing and may break your default settings. In addition, it also warns you about features that could compromise your privacy and history. It is recommended to disable experimental features until you’re sure that you’re ready for them.

If you’d like to take screenshots of the web page you’re viewing, you can enable the chrome://flags/chrome-share-screenshot extension. This extension allows you to take screenshots of any website and annotate them. You can also make changes to the screenshots you have taken. This feature will increase the speed of your downloads up to 4x. This feature will only work if you have multiple connections to the same source, such as a download manager.