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What are Water Ingress and How Can I Prevent It From Happening to My Home?

What exactly is water ingress? Water ingression is when water penetrates a structure in such a way that it causes it to seep into the building. Any moving water within a structure or even a leaking building is bad news. It can cause instant damage to the foundation of a building and lead to additional and potentially more costly problems down the road.

Prevention and Remediation Considerations

What are some of the different types of water ingress problems? Cracks, leaks, excess moisture, buckling, excess humidity and softening walls and flooring are just some of the many problems associated with water ingress. A major problem caused by water ingress that homeowners tend to ignore is the cracking of exterior walls and floors. These cracks allow moisture in and water to seep in, which then causes the interior of the building to become moist and warms up causing a variety of different health concerns for those living within the structure.

What can you do to prevent water ingress and dampness in your home? First, you must stop allowing moisture to get inside the walls and floors of your home and second, you must make sure that you take all feasible steps to prevent water from getting into your house and then controlling it once it has gotten in. By taking the appropriate actions to keep water away from your home you will be able to enjoy a damp, mildew free house and a comfortable home for years to come.