The Ugly Truth About Charlotte Bronte

The Ugly Truth About Charlotte Bronte is a romantic comedy with a dark side. Its most notable character is the Bronte family, and they are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Charlotte’s death. While the movie isn’t as edgy as its title suggests, it does have a lot of likable star power.

The movie is based on a book written by Nicole Eastman and adapted by Robert Luketic. Its main characters include a woman who is cynical about love and relationships, and a man-whore.

There are also a number of smaller vignettes. In the most basic form, it’s a big-studio romantic comedy. Although it doesn’t quite get into the weeds, the movie has plenty to chuckle at.

For starters, it’s a rom-com with a surprisingly strong female lead. Katherine Heigl plays a snarky, cold-blooded TV producer who isn’t terribly interested in finding love. She’s not exactly the type who goes after guys with a background check, but she does make a few attempts.

Another notable feature of the movie is the presence of a number of right-wing critics. They claim that a number of things are actually of a higher quality. Among them is a segment of the local television show The Ugly Truth. This segment of the show is the gimmick of the film, though it isn’t the most interesting.

Overall, the Ugly Truth is a rehash of a number of other movies in the same genre. However, it has the requisite big-studio production values and a snarky cast to make it a worthwhile viewing experience.

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